Elegant, sophisticated and charmant, the foulard today is very fashionable in all its variations

Unique design

The most beautiful designs and the most fashionable bright colors make our fashion scarves truly unique and original


We constantly invest in the style and quality of our products. All strictly Made in Italy


The term scarf, coming from the French language foulat, derived in turn of scarf, literally means the silk handkerchief used as an elegant accessory and became an icon decade after decade.

Part of the collections of numerous prestigious fashion houses are the brands Hermès, Dior, Saint Laurent, Chanel and Givenchy, while in Italy the Florentine fashion houses Gucci and Ferragamo, as well as Roberta di Camerino make it a must have. Before becoming a fashion item, however, this was a practical garment worn by men, in the military, to protect the throat from the wind and as a sign of their rank or symbol of belonging to a group.

Sole & Luna Apartments

It is an idea that was born in 2013, from the desire to offer a ‘hospitality’ that was experience & beauty. Discover the fantastic apartments in the care of Como where you can find the scarves of our production and catalogs with all the unique textures to eventually customize your product.

Prismatex srl

Born in 1989, 100 % Made in Italy company operates in the textile and clothing sector of Como. It offers plain and jacquard fabrics in silk, viscose, polyester and cotton, pure or mixed. It was also introduced a line of printed materials made on various types of funds such as silk, polyester and viscose.